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About Us

Our Culture

Rock River Environmental Solutions takes exceptional pride in cultivating a friendly, respectful, caring, safe, and highly collaborative environment that rewards, supports and celebrates achievement. We regularly reach out to prospective employees who are positive, success-oriented, supportive of other team members, and share our values and ideals.

Our employees benefit from stringent safety education and on-going employee training. And they thrive in an atmosphere that fosters innovation, integrity and professional development, while helping support work-life balance. By joining our company, our people will become a part of something far larger than themselves. We encourage them to participate in the community by serving on non-profit boards, committees, or local school boards. Their dedication and abilities enables us to serve our clients at the highest level of commitment, safety and effectiveness.

Finding the Right Solutions

Rock River Environmental Solutions is well known for our strong commitment to customers, outstanding safety record, and solid experience in environmental and industrial waste services.

Located in Northern Illinois, we are strongly positioned to serve the four-state area of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Indiana. Yet we have successfully managed projects throughout the United States – from responding to the major cleanup efforts after Hurricane Katrina to stabilizing an inventory of highly reactive and explosive chemicals for a Washington state university.

We are a growing company with a field staff that averages over 15 years each in environmental and waste services, and we maintain the highest levels of liability coverage.

Whether you require chemical, liquid, hazardous or non-hazardous waste disposal, a contractor for your environmental projects, industrial cleaning, or emergency response, you can always count on us to provide effective solutions and dependable service with a personal touch.

Please call us at 815.654.4726 should you require a copy of our insurance certificates, permits, or safety plans.

Did You Know?

After Hurricane Katrina, Rock River Environmental Solutions sent a field crew to New Orleans at the request of a Fortune 50 client to coordinate hazardous waste collections and disposal in a dilapidated 6 city block size area of commercial / industrial buildings. Over 30 yards of hazardous paint wastes were diverted from being improperly disposed of as well as several thousand pounds of other toxic and corrosive wastes.

Industries Served

Trusted Partner in Many Fields

Rock River Environmental Solutions provides cost-effective chemical disposal, waste disposal services, emergency response, environmental remediation and industrial cleaning services to a wide range of industries.

Our customers turn to us for high performance, safety, and cost control, delivered with reliable and efficient service. We serve clients effectively from northern Wisconsin to central Iowa and beyond. Our goal is to become your premier partner in environmental and industrial waste solutions.

Industries we serve include:

  • Industrial/manufacturing
  • Commercial/general services
  • Consulting
  • Utilities
  • Education

Did You Know?

Between all of our experienced field staff, we have performed environmental or industrial projects in every state of the union except Hawaii.

Rock River Environmental Solutions offers a full range of services for all types of manufacturers, from metal fabrication and finishing to food and flavoring production.

We possess the experience, knowledge, and in-depth resources to quickly solve all your environmental and industrial waste challenges so you can keep focusing on what’s important to you. We’ve helped both Fortune 500 companies and those with fewer than 10 employees to satisfy audit obligations, avoid time delays, and overcome production challenges. We are committed to providing our customers with problem-solving excellence daily.

We provide industrial/manufacturing services for:

  • Metal Coatings/Platings
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Automotive & Automotive Parts
  • Transportation
  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics
  • Electronics/PCB Boards
  • All General Manufacturing
Did You Know?

Typically the first step in disposing of an industrial waste is determining whether or not the material meets the definition of a hazardous waste. The most effective way to do this while limiting your company’s liability is to have a certified laboratory analyze the waste for hazardous characteristics. Rock River Environmental Solutions can obtain samples, complete the analysis for you and help determine how the waste should be handled.

Rock River Environmental Solutions has helped Realtors® close last-minute deals by properly managing leftover industrial wastes from previous owners. We’ve assisted roofing companies and general contractors in the efficient handling and disposing of unidentified chemical drums from historical projects. And we’ve supported lending institutions and their customers in addressing environmental conditions or contamination in response to Phase II investigations.

We have also successfully managed soil remediation projects for downstream oil and petroleum distributors who have been ordered by the EPA to perform cleanup activities, as well as emergency response services to the transportation industry for damaged chemical containers and spill cleanup. Rock River Environmental Solutions provides the experience and resources to manage your projects when time is of the essence.

We provide commercial/general services for:

  • Real Estate
  • Banks/Lending Institutions
  • General Contractors
  • Laundry Services
  • Graphic Arts/Advertising
  • Warehouses
  • Packaging
Did You Know?

The business model at Rock River Environmental Solutions allows us to handle timely customer requests. Should you have an impending audit or sale on a property, call us at 815-654-4726, and a project manager will assist you in making sure your deadlines are met.

Consultants in the environmental field seek reliable service, one-on-one attention, and competitive pricing from their waste vendors.

Rock River Environmental Solutions understands the challenges you face. We maintain a fully-permitted transportation fleet for hauling your clients’ hazardous and non-hazardous waste. And unlike many other waste vendors, we can handle all of your non-hazardous waste streams, such as investigative soil-derived waste, through the partnership with our sister company, Winnebago Landfill.

Please call us at 815.654.4726 should you require a waste vendor, industrial specialist, or remediation/investigative partner.

Did You Know?

Rock River Environmental Solutions utilizes Winnebago Landfill, our sister company, to dispose of non-recyclable waste streams and those with no market value. Additionally, we can provide you with solidification of your non-hazardous wastes at Winnebago Landfill. Simply fill out a Profile Form located in our Resouces link to get started.

From labpacking and onsite environmental services to waste disposal or PCB transformer decommissioning, Rock River Environmental Solutions has the expertise to handle the utilities industry’s needs. We fully understand the regulatory challenges that power and gas companies currently face, and we are there to help with a diversely experienced team to meet those challenges.

We have successfully managed large PCB remediation projects with tight deadlines and completed numerous turnkey asbestos abatement rojects. You will find us to be uniquely positioned as a waste services partner who can provide customized environmental services to the natural gas industry.

We provide environmental services for the following types of utility companies:

  • Natural Gas
  • Power Distribution
  • Water Districts
  • Renewable Energy
Did You Know?

The Winnebago Landfill,our sister company, has partnered with William Charles Energy to capture the methane gas that is produced from your waste to generate electricity. They convert enough methane gas from the landfill to power 5,000 homes annually.

Rock River Environmental Solutions has a long history of providing cost-effective environmental and waste services to public schools, colleges, and universities. Our primary goal when we are onsite is to help maintain a safe campus environment with minimal disruption to class schedules or campus activities.

We recognize the unique work environment educational institutions pose. As a result, our project managers work closely to accommodate your schedule. From chemical labpacking and high hazard chemical management, to the decommissioning of perchloric acid fumehoods and general management of wastes of all types, we have effectively built a reputation for being your professional, experienced, and safety-conscious partner.

Our highly qualified staff has performed hundreds of reactive chemical stabilizations, and has sampled and identified unknown lecture bottles through gas analysis at public schools and large universities. Whether you have one compound or several thousand that need to be managed, you can count on us to provide you with outstanding service based on safe management practices.

Did You Know?

Potassium and sodium metals, which are common chemistry classroom substances, can form potentially explosive super oxides. Should you have these types of materials, please give us a call so that we may assist with proper handling and disposal, help you develop a lab safety program, assist you in taking inventory of your waste chemicals, and become your exclusive waste service provider.

Our Strengths / Philosophy

Rock River Environmental Solutions is a customer-focused company that is solidly committed to becoming a long-term, trusted partner to each of our customers. Because of our broad range of resources and flexibility, we can provide fast response, guaranteed results, and a level of service that sets new industry standards.

Our employees are at the core of what we do. Our field staff and project managers possess diverse backgrounds in industrial and environmental services. We always make safety first; as a result, Rock River Environmental Solutions maintains a perfect safety record. We provide our employees with the best training available, and that commitment is reinforced continuously.

Our priority is to provide professional service and practical solutions to your environmental and industrial waste needs today, and to support your evolving business needs for the future. You can depend on us to go that extra mile to deliver reliable and cost-effective services that earn your confidence every step of the way.

Did You Know?

“Do it right the first time” has been the motto of our parent company for over five generations. We combine this attitude with making a guarantee to our clients that no one else will service you better than we can.


Health and safety are at the forefront of Rock River Environmental Solutions’ business mission. Our safety goals must be met and our compliance must be absolute. This is the commitment we keep with our clients, our parent company, ourselves and our families.

Our safety consciousness sets us apart from many other environmental services companies. We conduct a rigorous training program and don’t stop there; our trained and certified employees must consistently receive refresher updates on the fundamental hazards inherent in our industry.

In addition, we have our own health and safety policy that requires our employees to constantly be aware of and address potential hazards. We also conduct monthly safety meetings to ensure our staff is provided with the latest trends and insights into the industry. We believe our relentless focus on safety benefits customers, vendors, employees and the general public.

Did You Know?

Over 75% of the field staff at Rock River Environmental Solutions have obtained at least a Bachelors Degree in the sciences or an environmental related major.

All of our employees, including office staff, are trained and certified in OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER-29 CFR 1910.120) and receive their eighthour refresher updates annually.

  • OSHA Confined Space Entry (29 CFR 1910.146)
  • OSHA 30-hour Construction Industry Outreach Training (29 CFR 1926 Subpart C)
  • Gas Cylinder Awareness and High Hazard Chemical Management Training
  • Transportation Skills Program – Hazardous Materials & Waste Management Training

Our training includes but is not limited to the following programs:

  • General Industry Training Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 1910.1200
  • Respiratory Protection Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 134 (b)
  • Medical Surveillance Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 1910.120 (f)
  • Exposure Monitoring Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 1910.120 (h)
  • Hazard Communication Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 1910.1200
  • Hearing Conservation Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 1910.95 (c)
Did You Know?

Rock River Environmental Solutions can offer in-house training for any class size at your place of business. Whether it is for chemical safety or general industry, we can cater the training to your particular needs.

The top priority at Rock River Environmental Solutions is health and safety – for our employees, our customers, our vendors, our subcontractors, the community, and our shared environment. It is no surprise, then, that we tolerate nothing less than a zero incident rate combined with 100% regulatory compliance.

Our strong belief is that safety is a culture in which each one of us has a stake. It is not enough for our employees to focus on their own personal safety; they are trained to seek out potential hazards in any situation and from several vantage points.

Please call us at 815.654.4726 should you require a copy of our general Health and Safety Policy.

Did You Know?

Rock River Environmental Solutions can offer in-house training for any class size at your place of business. Whether it is for chemical safety or general industry, we can cater the training to your particular needs.

Associations / Certifications

Rock River Environmental Solutions employees are members of these two leading associations:

Associations Certifications Company

Did You Know?

The Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals™ (AHMP), formerly the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers, Inc. (ACHMM) is a professional association with a membership of more than 4,000 of the nation’s leading experts in environmental, health, safety and security management. AHMP is the only national organization devoted to the professional advancement of the hazardous materials management field.

Compliance / Safety Record

Rock River Environmental Solutions has worked hard to maintain a perfect safety record with zero incidents since our division was created in the late 1990s. Our corporate experience modification rate (EMR) is among the best in the industry. This is just one example of the commitment to safety that is shared by all Rock River Environmental Services companies.

We understand that in order to be a safe company, we must operate in full compliance with the various government agencies that regulate our industry. Yet it is not enough simply to “be in compliance”. We strive to set and achieve a standard that goes far beyond what the OHSA, EPA, and DOT regulations require.

We have implemented and maintain the following plans and programs:

  • Universal Waste Management Plan/Small Quantity Handler
  • General Health and Safety Plans
  • Training Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 1910.1200
  • Respiratory Protection Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 134 (b)
  • Medical Surveillance Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 1910.120 (f)
  • Exposure Monitoring Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 1910.120 (h))
  • Hazard Communication Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 1910.1200
  • Hearing Conservation Program in accordance with Title 29 CFR 1910.95 (c)

Did You Know?

Rock River Environmental Solutions has not had one lost time incident in its 10+ year history.

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