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Rock River Environmental Solutions provides efficient, reliable, and cost-effective waste services as well as competitive advantages you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. We seek out and retain some of the finest employees in this highly regulated industry, each with diverse and unique backgrounds. And we assign each of our customers a personal manager who communicates with you on a one-on-one basis with personalized attention. We offer a full range of bulk liquid, sludge removal, and transportation with its comprehensive and proprietary fleet of vacuum trucks and equipment. We maintain all required EPA and DOT permits.

We offer our customers:

  • Drum Waste Disposal: Treatment solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous waste of any size.
  • Bulk Waste Disposal: Hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, solids, semi-solids, and sludges in bulk quantities.
  • Chemical Labpacking: Identification and classification of hazardous wastes according to EPA and DOT classifications.
  • Biohazardous/Medical Waste: Environmentally sound liability management and protection.
  • Transformers/PCBs: Project management, sampling and decontamination services.
  • Facility Cleanouts/Blackouts: Comprehensive services including staff and equipment.

Did you know?

Since our parent company, Rock River Environmental Services, owns and operates the Winnebago Landfill in Northern Illinois, we can solidify and/or landfill customers’ waste when other treatment methods are unnecessary or cost-prohibitive. Based on our relationships with several local disposal companies, we do not charge our clients for hub fees, energy and security fees, and other ancillary costs that many other disposal companies charge.

Rock River Environmental Solutions has been managing hazardous and non-hazardous wastes as a division since the mid 1990s.

We operate our own service vehicles, which are capable of handling liquid or solid waste in any sized container and in any quantity.

We service conditionally exempt small quantity generators (CESQG) as well as large quantity generators (LQG) of hazardous wastes across the Midwest.

Our seasoned staff is dedicated to making certain that all customers, both large and small, experience safe and efficient service along with complete customer satisfaction.

With our experienced staff and the extensive training they receive, we understand waste regulations thoroughly and work with you to determine the best available treatment technology for your waste at a competitive price.

And, to help keep you in compliance with EPA storage requirements, we can place your waste stream information in our database and contact you prior to your storage time limit to schedule a pickup.

Did you know?

Rock River Environmental Solutions can schedule “milkruns” – less than load (LTL) – trips on a regular basis. By doing so, we can reduce your transportation cost and provide your company with the most efficient handling and disposal of your waste, regardless of how much you generate.

We handle both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, solids, semi-solids, and sludges in bulk quantities.

Our seasoned staff is equipped with all of the equipment and materials to react quickly to your situation: an entire fleet of service vehicles, roll-offs and bulk containers, hazard-class identification kits to identify unknown containers, and 85-gallon and 110-gallon chemical-resistant overpacks for leaking or damaged drums.

In addition, we offer 48-hour lab analysis results.

We own and operate a diverse transportation fleet for handling bulk waste. We can accommodate your project or ongoing waste streams with our own roll-off containers, vacuum sludge boxes, frac tanks, portable tanks or enclosed trailers.

Please see Transportation/Vacuum Services for a complete list of our well-maintained equipment.

Did you know?

We can apply these treatment methods to your bulk waste stream(s) through our network of pre-approved recycling/disposal facilities. Solidification/Landfill (Subtitle D); Stabilization/Landfill (Subtitle C); Fuel Blending/Recycling; Microencapsulation; Wastewater/Sludge Treatment; Incineration; Chemical Oxidation.

Some businesses generate waste streams, such as used oil, coolant or industrial process wastes, on a regular basis. Yet almost all businesses possess chemicals in smaller volumes (bottles, jugs, or buckets less than or equal to five-gallon size) for regular facility maintenance and operations, or for use in a research and development lab.

All chemicals maintain a shelf life or lose their effectiveness over time. Many go unused due to improper purchasing systems, new plant processes, superior or “greener” alternative products, or new lab techniques. In all cases, careful attention is required in managing these chemicals – both from a safety standpoint and a regulatory level.

Rock River Environmental Solutions specializes in the labpacking of chemicals. We are experts in the identification and classification of hazardous waste according to DOT and EPA regulations. Each one of our project managers began in the industry as a field chemist or a chemical technician, and it’s this experience and training that sets us apart.

As a result of their work at large national pharmaceutical and government facility labs, there aren’t many compounds our staff hasn’t encountered. Our staff can inventory your discarded chemicals and provide you with a free quote for labpacking and disposal.

Did you know?

The term “lab-pack” refers to placing several sealed containers of compatible hazardous wastes into a larger vessel, such as a 55-gallon drum, along with a packing material such as vermiculite, in order to transport the wastes to a disposal/incineration facility. Although lab-packs appear inefficient when compared to combining all materials, they actually make a lot of sense. It is unwise, for safety and legal reasons, to encourage mixing different lab wastes in a single container.

Rock River Environmental Solutions understands how crucial it is to deliver an environmentally safe solution to biohazardous and medical wastes, both from a liability and a safety perspective.

As a result, we use only new airtight containers that will keep employees and patients safe from potentially hazardous reused containers.

We ensure your medical waste is safely treated and disposed of so that no residuals will later create problems for the environment.

By consolidating your hazardous and medical waste disposal with us, you can also reduce the expense that comes from managing several vendors with varying procurement practices.

Call 815.654.4726 to learn how we can help you manage your sharps and infectious or medical wastes.

Did you know?

The majority of medical waste, about two million tons annually, is generated from hospitals. Other large contributors to medical waste are physician, dental and veterinarian practices, as well as laboratories and research facilities related to the manufacturing of certain pharmaceuticals.

When it comes to managing PCBs, Rock River Environmental Solutions has the experience and resources to successfully handle your project – whether it’s an askarel spill or the management of PCB oil-filled transformers.

Our staff is uniquely qualified to assist you in managing your project and addressing regulatory concerns.

We have aided electrical contractors and globally-renowned steel manufacturers in decommissioning very large 2500 kVa PCB oil-filled transformers and in remediating high level PCB contamination in concrete and soil.

We have extensive experience in sampling for potential PCB contamination.

We’ve also developed and carried out PCB sampling plans for various types of media including soil, concrete surfaces, steel equipment, and stormwater basins.

Did you know?

When surfaces such as concrete or other porous surfaces become contaminated with PCBs, they are extremely difficult to effectively remove with conventional methods such as industrial cleaning or powerwashing. Many times, highly specialized techniques are required which may include scarifying or chemically extracting the PCBs from the substrate.

Typically in a plant blackout or when a facility is being shut down, it seems like there’s “too much to do in too little time.”

That’s why our goals at Rock River Environmental Solutions’ are to provide you with a cost-effective quote in a timely manner, provide turnkey services, and get the job completed before your deadline.

Instead of relying on a contractor who needs to subcontract the work, you can rely on us to provide you with complete service using our own staff and equipment.

We can also help you with facility cleanouts when your goal is to come into compliance.

We know that shutting down a plant when all you have is a “skeleton crew” can be a difficult task, especially with tight deadlines, and we understand the objective as well as the overall impact of plant closings.

From proper reporting requirements to compliance issues that you may face, our professional staff will not only meet your needs, but also exceed them.

Did you know?

During the Cedar Rapids, Iowa flood cleanup in 2008, one Rock River Environmental Solutions field crew of 4 team members coordinated and handled the disposal and recycling of over 3 semiloads of hazardous and nonhazardous waste in just over a week.

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